Featuring “Alchemy,” Winner of the 2009-2010 James Wright Poetry Award

About the Book

Alchemies2dEdIn this brief collection, award-winning author Kimberly Davis explores the loss of loved ones as an ongoing process working a strange alchemy upon the human spirit. Alchemies of Loss features Davis’ poem “Alchemy,” winner of the  2009-2010 James Wright Poetry Award. Contest judge, Pulitzer Prize-winner Carl Dennis, said that Davis’ winning poem, “not only deals with a particular loss, but finds a way to explore loss as a process.” He also praised the poem’s tonal quality as it “hovers over the question of whether loss can lead to gain.” (Bare Cove, 2011; 2d Edition Spring 2013; paperback, 33 pages.)

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Praise for Alchemies of Loss

“Angels haunt this collection . . . But it is the spare, almost conversational, language holding the surprise of the commonplace undergoing transformation that engages both my eye and intellect”–Fiddler Crab Review